Baseball Stadiums - Getting to All 30

Posted by Glenn Dunlap on Wed, Nov 09, 2011 @ 06:06 PM

So how many of you have the goal of getting to all the Major League Baseball parks in your lifetime? It's on your bucket list, in other words... We understand. We do too!! I started providing baseball tours 6 years ago because I couldn't find anyone providing them the way that I wanted to go. My thinking was that if I was going to be in a city or at a stadium one time, I would like to have the best experience I possibly could.

Fast forward now 6 years and we've hosted tours to every major league ballpark. I'm still working on my bucket list. I have six ballparks left to go. Well, that actually becomes 7 in April when the Marlins open their new baseball stadium in Miami. But, what a terrible excuse to have to go to Miami again!

The folks over at Ballpark Chasers have a cool app on their site. It lets you map which stadiums you've been to. They also have some other cool features about different stadiums, traveling, etc. It's a fun place to poke around. You're bound to learn something.

And as you are thinking about your 2012 baseball travel plans, don't hesitate to contact us, let us know where you would like to go, and if you have any questions about our tours or building custom tours of your own.

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