What Transportation Can We Expect on a Big League Tour?

Posted by Bronte Eaker on Tue, Jan 21, 2020 @ 07:39 AM

luxury motorcoach

We get a lot of questions about what transportation you can expect on a Big League Tour. Most often we're asked, "How do we get to the first city?" and, "How will we travel between cities?" and, "How will we get to the stadiums?"

"How do we get to the first city?"

Guests on a tour are responsible for getting to the starting city and home from the final city. As you will see, Big League Tours guests come from all over the world, so it's impossible to build the costs of getting to/from the tour in for every option. 

Every trip starts at a specific rendezvous point in the first city of the tour, which will most likely be the lobby of the first hotel on the tour. Guests will be emailed a tour packet that includes the hotel information and a detailed itinerary about a month before the tour. Any time you have questions about getting to/from one of our tours, our team is happy to help. 

"How will we travel between cities?"

All transportation between the cities is included in your Big League Tour. Most of the time, we will travel via motor coach. For further distances, we will fly from city to city. For instance, some flights are included on our West Coast, Southwest, and Southeast tours. (Remember, all transportation costs while on the tour are included.) 

"How will we get to the stadiums?"

We choose the transportation to/from the stadiums based on what's best for that city and tour. In some cases, we'll be staying close enough to the stadiums that guests will walk. Sometimes we'll hop on the motor coach and take it to/from the game. And in other cases, the best way to the game might be the subway. 

When booking a Big League Tour, you can rest assured knowing that we've been hosting tours for 15 Seasons and will take care of all the arrangements that will make your tour an Ultimate Baseball Roadtrip! 

You can visit our FAQ page for more information about transportation on tours. 

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How Good Are the Tickets for the Games?

Posted by Bronte Eaker on Fri, Dec 27, 2019 @ 01:16 PM

How Good Are the Tickets for the Games?

We get a lot of questions about the kind of tickets we purchase for our guests. That's an important question! "If you're going to go to Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, or Wrigley Field for your first time, and maybe your only time, you want to have the best possible experience that you can, which typically includes great seats," says Big League Tours President & Founder, Glenn Dunlap.

2016-08-12 18.07.33

"When I saw that other tour groups put you in group seats in the upper deck clear out by the four poles, I knew there had to be a better way to do it. So we always include great seats for our guests."

We’ll secure premium tickets for all the games on your tour, making the visits to the ballparks as enjoyable as possible. Tickets include lower level infield seats or club seats. Certain tours may feature reserved suites or party rooms. Traveling companions and families will be seated together, but not necessarily with the rest of the tour group. 

One of our frequent travelers, John R. shared, "The seats you get on a tour from Big League Tours are really top notch. They are between first and third base, and always in the lower bowl."

We love to see the games from great seats, and we want our guests to have great seats as well! Join us for an Ultimate Baseball Road Trip where you'll be seated close to the action!

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What hotels will we stay in?

Posted by Bronte Eaker on Thu, Dec 19, 2019 @ 05:35 PM

We received a question from someone interested in our tours asking, "What hotels will we stay in on this tour?" We started trading emails and they shared the following:

"I was on another tour from another company and most of the hotels were in the middle of nowhere. You couldn’t get anything to eat or drink after getting to the hotel afterwards. I was really disappointed in the location and quality of some of the hotels is why I was inquiring."

Park Plaza Lobby

We get it! Staying in a low quality hotel can quickly ruin a trip. That's why on a Big League Tour, guests stay in first class hotels (Hyatt-, Marriott-, Hilton- and Westin- brand hotels). Hotels have been chosen based on their quality, location to the stadium, and proximity to other points of interest. Tour hotels will be in the city center or near the ballpark.

After purchasing a tour, guests will be sent a full itinerary, including full hotel information. We are happy to answer any questions you have about travel plans and provisions. To see more information, visit our FAQ page. 

One of our frequent guests, Dennis D., was asked what makes Big League Tours different than other travel experiences. He responded, "Outstanding owner, outstanding accommodations, outstanding tour guides, overall 100% geared towards guests." 

BLT Guest Highlight: John R.

Posted by Bronte Eaker on Mon, Dec 16, 2019 @ 03:27 PM

At Big League Tours we have the privilege of getting to know some great folks while out on the road and there are many guests who have travelled for many years with us. John R. from California, is one of those guests. John first traveled with us in 2014 and has taken four tours with us since then. (And already has two booked for 2020!)

John shared a little about his first experience. "I certainly remember the trip.  It was the East Coast tour that included a trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame. I took the tour with three of my golfing buddies, all of whom love baseball as much as I do, having both played and enjoyed it as a spectator.  We all loved the Hall of Fame experience, and being from Northern California (Sacramento), I’ll never forget the Barry Bonds record setting baseball; the one with the inked in asterisk." 


Some of John's favorite memories include: 

  • Getting free time in Niagara Falls with his wife, Marian, on a Mideast Tour
  • A 17 inning White Sox game on a Midwest Tour
  • Meeting and talking to Dante Bichette on a Southeast Tour

As a faithful guest for 6 years, John had a lot to say about the experience Big League Tours provides. "Big League Tours is a baseball tour that is certainly set apart from other travel experiences. On a BLT, it is a mix of you being taken care of, and also you make your own travel arrangements, which I liked, because I could take advantage of discounts on some of the major airlines."

John went on to say, "In the big league cities you visit, you always stay in a top notch hotel not far from downtown or the stadium. There is free time for experiencing the cities, and I really like that. In New York City, our hotel was within walking distance of both Times Square and the United Nations headquarters.  We had a day on our own in New York. Also, the seats you get on a tour from BLT’s are really top notch. They are between first and third base, and always in the lower bowl. When I first researched baseball vacations, the website for BLT was way above in quality those of other companies. I could tell from the beginning that I’d be in good hands and have a great fan and tourist experience."

When asked why he would recommend Big League Tours to someone, John shared, "This business is really a class act.  If you want a great baseball experience, BLT’s is for you. You might be able to find cheaper tours, but if you really want to get 'inside baseball,' pay a little extra and let these people give you a great experience!"

We are thankful for our guests like John who have enjoyed these last 15 seasons as much as we have. Now’s the time to join us for the ultimate baseball tour and have the experience for yourself!

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Posted by Bronte Eaker on Fri, Oct 18, 2019 @ 11:52 AM

Guided vacations are great for family travel

Travel Weekly recently published a list of “must haves” for great guided vacations: bucket list destinations, hidden gems, and unique experiences. Big League Tours offers them all! Travel Weekly writes, "Trips planned by experts with one goal in mind—creating the ultimate travel experience.  Bucket list destinations and attractions? Check. Surprises and hidden gems not found in guidebooks? Check. Unique experiences that will have the whole family in wide-eyed wonder. Check!"

The article explains, "Guided vacations are a homerun for multigen groups. Now we’ve got adults and older adults and children all on one trip, and a guided vacation takes the guesswork out of the whole process." Big League Tours has had the pleasure of hosting many families on multigenerational trips. Having guided vacation allows all family members to enjoy the trip and not get caught up in the details.

2018 Fenway Cropped

Big League Tours offers: 

  • Tours to all Major League Baseball stadiums 
  • First class hotel accommodations
  • Big League Player Experience  - Meet and greet with a former MLB Player or MLB Insider
  • Transportation to and from ballparks and between cities
  • Free time to explore the cities 

2016-08-09 17.03.32Travel Weekly comments on how great it is to have all of your accommodations taken care of, such as transportation and hotel bookings. The writer goes on to explain, "Most importantly, families know there will be activities and excursions that are enjoyable for everyone, along with tour directors who can help guide them to other family-friendly highlights during free time.” Read the full article here. 

Let Big League Tours take the guesswork out of your next family vacation! 


Big League Tours Featured in MLB.com Article

Posted by Glenn Dunlap on Fri, Jan 27, 2017 @ 06:52 AM

Big League Tours was featured in an article by Mark Newman on MLB.com entitled, "Ballpark Tours Offer Experiences of a Lifetime." Here's an excerpt:

Oakland Coliseum is on the itinerary of four of those 30 tours operated by Big League Tours, starting with the California Gold Tour on May 5-12. That five-ballpark trip begins at Petco Park in San Diego, then goes to Angel Stadium in Anaheim and Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, then heads up to the Bay Area to watch Mike Trout and the Angels play a day game at Oakland, capped off the next night with Reds vs. Giants at AT&T Park in San Francisco.

IMG_1431.jpgUltimate Baseball Road Trip packages offer at least one tour to each of the 30 MLB ballparks. Tour packages range from two stadiums over three nights up to seven stadiums over eight nights. You'll sit in premium seats, take behind-the-scenes stadium tours and meet with former big leaguers. Vida Blue, Bill "Spaceman" Lee, Dave Parker, Len Barker, Tom Browning and Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan are among past examples.

The experience carries over into the cities, too. Tour packages include first-class accommodations in the heart of these great baseball towns.

"We know that fans have their own bucket lists, some that include Wrigley Field, Fenway Park, the Hall of Fame, or visiting all 30 Major League ballparks," said Glenn Dunlap, president and founder of Big League Tours. "We offer the Ultimate Baseball Road Trip that enables fans to make their dreams come true."

Dunlap knows from experience, because in 2014 he and his son completed their own quest of seeing all 30 ballparks in use at that time. The trips are designed for fans of all ages.

"After looking for companies that offered baseball tours the way that I wanted them, I started to realize that they didn't exist," Dunlap said. "I kept thinking if you only visit each stadium once, you'd better do it right. Doing it right means sitting in great seats, taking behind-the-scenes stadium tours, meeting baseball insiders and staying right in the heart of MLB cities. Since nobody else was doing it that way, I began wondering if there were other people who wanted those same experiences."

Click here, http://m.mlb.com/news/article/214403304/ballpark-tours-offer-experiences-of-a-lifetime/, to see the whole article. 


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Posted by Doug Lawson on Wed, Apr 06, 2016 @ 08:54 AM
BLT group on field with the Res

OK, I know... the official Opening Day was Sunday. But, for a Reds fan like me who remembers the long standing tradition of MLB's oldest franchise playing the first game of the season, Monday was my Opening Day. Go Reds!!

I'll be watching all the games this week recalling the many guests we've hosted at the 30 ballparks. Glenn Dunlap and I are also looking forward to making new friends on the road in 2016 as we celebrate our 10th Anniversary Season. Glenn will be hosting our first tour of the season- The Southern Swing. Then, our tour season ramps up with East Coast and Mideast Tours in May, and a full slate of East, West, Midwest, and Mideast tours running through September.

I hope you will join us this year. You'll have premium seats for all the games, stay in first class hotels in the hearts of the city or near the ballparks, enjoy our Big League Player Experience, go on behind the scenes stadium tours, and much more. Click the links below to see all the tours for 2016 and book your baseball vacation.

2016 East Coast Tours2016 West Coast Tours2016 Midwest Tours2016 Mideast Tours

Please feel free to call or email with any questions. 


Posted by Glenn Dunlap on Fri, Oct 09, 2015 @ 09:55 AM

2016 marks our 10th Anniversary Season, and we are excited to announce our biggest tour season ever! All of our baseball vacation packages are online and available for purchase. We have several new itineraries to go along with our fan favorites starting with a NEW Southern Swing Tour in April, and ending with an East Coast Tour in September. Click the buttons below to see all of our 2016 baseball tours by region. 






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Last Chance to Purchase Your 2015 Baseball Tour

Posted by Glenn Dunlap on Sat, Jul 11, 2015 @ 05:56 PM


Can you believe it's already time for the All Star Game? The 2015 baseball season is nearly half over, and that means there are only a few more opportunities for you to experience the baseball vacation of a lifetime with Big League Tours.

We are offering our most popular tour itineraries in August, and we still have room for you!! Book now to hold your spot and join one of our luxury tours. But hurry, we will end the reservations for these tours on July 18. Click the links below to see the details and book your tour.

Please call or email with any questions.


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The Baseball Bucket List - Visiting Every Major League Baseball Stadium

Posted by Glenn Dunlap on Tue, Dec 09, 2014 @ 02:15 PM

Founder And Son Complete Their Bucket List, Assist Others In Their Quest

(INDIANAPOLIS—December 9, 2014) -- It all started with the phrase, “Before I die, I want to…” It was an exercise that Big League Tours Founder, Glenn Dunlap, completed in a men’s group study at his church. “The goal of the exercise was to help develop personal priorities in different areas of your life.”

baseball bucket List,baseball stadium tour
Glenn Dunlap and son, Hiatt share
a moment together at Target Field
celebrating their 30th baseball stadium.

Something Dunlap always wanted to do was visit every Major League Baseball stadium. Since he couldn’t hit breaking balls, his chances of seeing ballparks from the dugout had already passed him by. So he searched for a tour company that would help him fulfill his bucket list dream as a fan. When he didn’t find what he was looking for, he decided to launch his own company.

“After looking for companies that offered baseball tours the way that I wanted them, I started to realize that they didn’t exist. I kept thinking if you only visit each stadium once, you’d better do it right. Doing it right means sitting in great seats, taking behind-the-scenes stadium tours, meeting baseball insiders, and staying right in the heart of the MLB cities. Since nobody else was doing it that way, I began wondering if there were other people who wanted those same experiences.”

As it turns out, there were. Now heading into their 10th season, Big League Tours has hosted travelers from all over the world. Some want to see a stadium from their childhood or follow their favorite team. Some have the bucket list dream of seeing all the stadiums. But whatever their motivation, all are seeking a fantastic baseball experience.

One such traveler is Sheryl Malone, who has been on 5 trips with Big League Tours, visiting 28 of the MLB stadiums, 19 of them with the company. A Cleveland native, Sheryl has watched Indians greats such as Larry Doby, Bob Feller, Bob Lemon, and Early Wynn. She credits her grandma with introducing her to baseball at a very young age, but it doesn’t take long to realize that Sheryl’s whole family was influenced by the game. Her dad was a big fan, taking the family to games whenever possible, her sister is a Dodgers season ticket holder, and her late brother worked for the California Angels and the Cleveland Indians.

“I really like seeing the different architecture of the stadiums, what they have built up around them, with so many things to do,” Malone said. “I also love to meet all the people on the tours and to be with fans who really love the game. When you’re with a group of people with the same interests, you can root for different teams, but have great camaraderie.” Sheryl will celebrate her 30th stadium in Kansas City this summer with friends and family on a Big League Tour.

Fenway Park,baseball bucket List,baseball stadium tour
John Rosskopf (second from the left) and lifelong
buddies enjoy being on field at Fenway Park
while on their East Coast bucket list baseball tour.

John Rosskopf took his first trip with Big League Tours in 2014. John is a rabid baseball aficionado, having grown up watching his father pull weeds in the lawn at home with a San Francisco Giants game on and a transistor radio always close by his side. For the past twenty years, John has been attending San Francisco Giants games each year, both at Candlestick and AT&T Park, but didn't get the bug to see all the stadiums until he discovered Big League Tours with three golfing buddies.  

"We were all very impressed with the whole experience...not just the baseball, but the great cities you are exposed to during these tours,” shared John. “Big League Tours gets the best hotels in these fabulous baseball meccas, and you travel with people who love the game too."  

John had already been to the stadiums on the west coast, but the trip back east was definitely eye opening. "I never knew what a great time you could have in other peoples' parks with new found friends who love the game too. I definitely am going to take advantage of this great opportunity and see all the stadiums, as long as I am able to travel."

As for Dunlap, he and his son completed their 30th stadium together this summer. “It’s been an amazing 9 years of traveling together. We have a lifetime of memories that we’ll always carry with us. Completing our bucket list keeps us inspired to help others do the same.”


About Big League Tours

Big League Tours helps fans get closer to the game by securing lower level seats, arranging stadium tours and player experiences, and providing first-class hotel accommodations. Flexible itineraries allow fans to experience the best of the best in the greatest baseball cities across the nation. Unlike other tour companies, Big League Tours not only takes care of the buses and games for a baseball tour, but also provides extras that turn tours into true sports vacations, loaded with unique baseball-related events. For more information, contact Big League Tours at www.bigleaguetours.com.

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