Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Heritage Pork Porchetta Over Kielbasa Sauerkraut?

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April 4, 2009 - By now you've probably heard a lot about New York's two new baseball stadiums. But have you given much thought to what food they will offer? Frankly (no hot dog puns intended...), I hadn't much either. However, Florance Fabricant of the New York Times has recently outlined the food offerings at the New Yankee Stadium and Citi Field. Here's a sampling of what you can expect:

Steak sandwiches, lobster rolls, barbecue, beer and wine, heritage pork porchetta over kielbasa sauerkraut, crab cake with a cauliflower and tomato relish, soft tacos, pork carnitas, skirt steak or pumpkin seed and chicken mole, Mexican-style corn on the cob dusted with cheese and mayo, Kansas City ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, chicken wings, hamburgers, milkshake, fries, lobster rolls, fried local flounder sandwiches, blackened shrimp po’ boys, fried calamari, clam and corn chowder, fresh produce, knish, skinless and natural casing dogs, corn dogs on a stick, a Chicago dog, a New York City dog, smoked chicken bratwurst, natural hot dogs and corn dogs, Hebrew National hot dogs, a glatt kosher hot dog and, a smaller frank.

It appears that even non-baseball fans have a reason to go to the games now - you can eat your way around the stadium! While we're known as baseball trip planners, you'll have to figure out the food stands on your own, at least for a while until we make our own way around the stadium!

If you are looking for help planning your baseball spring trip or if you are interested in taking one of our MLB Tours, we would love to make your baseball vacations the ultimate tour vacations they can be.

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Mets' Shamsky to Join Big League Tours in the Big Apple

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March 27, 2009 - This year is an exciting year for New York baseball - two brand new stadiums opening in the same year. Our Big Apple Tour has always been a fan favorite, but it will be even more exciting this year.

If visiting two new stadiums wasn't exciting enough, we're going to be joined by Art Shamsky, a member of the 1969 World Champion New York Mets, for our Big League Player Experience. That's where we bring in MLB players to meet the fans traveling with us, share stories about their playing careers, answer questions, and sign autographs and get pictures with the fans on our small group tours. It's an opportunity to get an inside look into baseball and meet some of the players that we've grown up watching. Art Shamsky

Here's an excerpt from Art's biography:

In 1965, Shamsky made the Cincinnati Reds and hit .260 as a backup outfielder. He batted .289 as a pinch-hitter that year. In 1966, despite getting only 272 plate appearances for the, Art was second on the team with 21 homers, trailing Deron Johnson by 3. He homered four times in four at-bats from August 12 through August 14, tying a Major League record.
On August 12, Shamsky became the first player in Reds history to hit two extra-inning home runs in one game and the only player in Major League history to hit 3 home runs in a game and not be in the starting lineup. The bat that he used to hit the four home runs in a row is on display in Baseball's Hall of Fame.
During the winter of 1967 Art was traded to the New York Mets and was part of the Miracle Mets that won the 1969 World Series. Art hit .300 that season and batted .537 with 7 hits in 13 at-bats against Atlanta in the National League Playoffs. The 1969 Mets are still recognized as one of the most remarkable stories ever in professional sports. After 13 years in pro baseball and with a World Series ring Art retired from baseball in 1973.
In his post baseball career, Art has been involved in numerous business endeavors and was a radio and television broadcaster that included the New York Mets in 1979, 1980 and 1981. In 2004 Art's popular book, "The Magnificent Seasons', was published.
Art joined us in New York City last year for the first time. He had some terrific stories and insight into the game. We're thrilled to have him joining us again. To read more about Art Shamsky, click here to be taken to his website. Or, if you would like more information about other Big League Player Experiences offered on our baseball vacation packages, visit or give us a call!

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MLB Players Added to Sports Packages

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February 18, 2009 - Each year, Big League Tours offers sports packages to baseball stadiums all across the Major Leagues. While we offer top of the line accommodations, lower-level tickets to the games, baseball stadium tours, and transportation, the highlight of the tours are always when we meet with current or former Major League players.

The Big League Player Appearances are shaping up nicely for the 2009 season. Here are the players that we have confirmed for our group travel tours:
  • East Coast 1 - Rich Gedman, former Red Sox catcher, will be joining us in Boston
  • East Coast 2 - John Tudor, former Red Sox pitcher, will be joining us in Boston
  • Big Apple - Art Shamsky, former Mets outfielder and member of the 1969 Miracle Mets team, will be joining us in New York City
  • Seattle - Dave Henderson, former Mariners outfielder, will be joining us in Seattle.
I'll be posting some information about each of these players and any updates that we will have including the players who will be joining us on our family tours in Atlanta and Chicago.

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Rice and Henderson Are Moving Into the Hall of Fame

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January 16, 2009 - Two of baseball's greatest players are moving to Cooperstown this year. Jim Rice, a lifelong member of the Boston Red Sox, and Ricky Henderson, a lifelong member in U-Haul's frequent mover program, were elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

See the Hall with sports packages from Big League Tours!If you haven't ventured to Cooperstown before, it's something that every baseball fan should do at least once in their life. It's great to take family tours through the Hall, sharing memories of players, games and baseball stadiums from the perspective of multiple generations of Major League Baseball fans.

This summer, we're offering a group travel tours package that includes a game at Fenway Park, a game at the new Yankee Stadium, and a full day to explore the Hall of Fame. You can see the details of this trip and all of our Sports Tours on our website.

Join us if you can!

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Citi Field Opening in 2009

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New Citi Field is set to open in April 2009 and many escorted tours have really started selling!

November 24, 2008 - Citi Field will be a great place for baseball fans to catch a game. There is a more intimate atmosphere with the seating angled towards the infield and set down lower. The Mets and Citi Field have comissioned a statue of Jackie Robinson for when guests first enter the stadium and named Jackie Robinson Rotunda. 

New Citi Field will be a great new addition to baseball stadiums in the United States. Check out what the new stadium will look like when it opens in 2009.

Don't forget to check out our website for all the baseball trips we are offereing to the east coast in '09!

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New Yankee Stadium

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Are You Ready to Experience one of our Baseball Stadium Tours to New Yankee Stadium in '09!?

November 24, 2008 - Many baseball vacation packages are now being offered for the opening weekend for the New Yankee Stadium in April 2009.  Have you planned your MLB road trip yet?   Check out the video of New Yankee Stadium and start planning your sports packages now, before its too late. You won't want to miss this!
Check out our website for the many different sports packages that we are offering in '09 that include the New Yankee Stadium as well as every other Major League stadium.

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Memories at Yankee Stadium

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Taking A Look Back At Yankee Stadium
September 23, 2008 - 2008 marks the end of an era for Yankee Stadium, but with an ending there is always a new beginning and that is exactly where 2009 will be taking the Yankees.  For many people Yankee Stadium was one of the top stadiums to see before it was gone and many are just as excited to see the new stadium.Sports Tours

Here are some memorable moments from Yankee Stadium:

April 18, 1923:  The first game at the Stadium attracts a crowd of 74,200 and is appropriately christened by Babe Ruth with a three-run home run in the third inning of the Yankees' 4-1 victory over the Red Sox.

Sept. 30, 1927:  With a drive off the Washington Senators' Tom Zachary, Babe Ruth becomes the first player to hit 60 home runs in a season, a record that will stand for 34 years.

Nov. 12, 1928:  At halftime of a scoreless game, Notre Dame coach Knute Rockne delivers his famous "Win one for the Gipper!" speech, and the Fighting Irish respond with a 12-6 victory over Army.

July 4, 1939: Lou Gehrig, forced into retirement due to ALS, delivers an impromptu, moving speech as he bids farewell to fans with comments such as "Today, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth," and "I may have had a tough break, but I have an awful lot to live for."

May 15, 1941: Joe DiMaggio begins his 56-game hitting streak with a 1-for-4 game in a 13-1 loss to the Chicago White Sox.

Small Group ToursNov. 9, 1946: In what many football historians consider the greatest college game ever played, Notre Dame and Army, both undefeated, duel to a scoreless tie and share the national championship, although the Irish are ranked No. 1 in the Associated Press poll. Army's last-minute drive is thwarted by Notre Dame's Johnny Lujack, who tackles Heisman Trophy winner Doc Blanchard at the 11-yard-line.

June 13, 1948: Babe Ruth puts on uniform No. 3 for the last time in ceremonies marking the Stadium's silver anniversary, which would be his final public appearance.

Aug. 17, 1948: One day after his death at the age of 53, Babe Ruth's body lay in state at the main entrance of the Stadium where more than 100,000 mourners pay respects.

Oct. 5, 1953: Billy Martin singles home Hank Bauer from second base for the winning run in a Game 6 triumph over the Dodgers that completes the Yankees' fifth consecutive World Series championship.

Dec. 28, 1958:  Often referred to as "The Greatest Game Ever Played," the Baltimore Colts come from behind to defeat the football Giants, 23-17, for the NFL championship. Steve Myrha's field goal ties the score with seven seconds remaining in regulation, and quarterback Johnny Unitas directs a scoring drive in OT culminating in Alan Ameche's touchdown run.

Oct. 4, 1965: Pope Paul VI, the first Pontiff to visit the United States, celebrates Mass before a crowd of more than 80,000. Pope John Paul II also said Mass at the Stadium during his U.S. tour in 1979, and Pope Benedict XVI came to the Stadium this past April.

May 14, 1967: Mickey Mantle's hits his 500th career home run, off the Baltimore Orioles' Stu Miller.

Oct. 18, 1977: Reggie Jackson puts the finishing touches on the Yankees' World Series victory over the Dodgers with three home runs on three pitches from three pitchers - Burt Hooton, Elias Sosa and Charlie Hough - in Game 6.

June 21, 1990: A rally is held at the Stadium in honor of Nelson Mandela after his release from prison following the end of apartheid in South Africa.

May 17, 1998: David Wells pitches a perfect game, 4-0, against the Minnesota Twins.

Jul. 8, 2000: Chuck Knoblauch's three-run homer highlights a four-run fifth inning as the Yankees go on to a 4-2 victory over the Mets in the second of two cross-borough games on this date. Earlier, the Yankees beat the Mets by the same score at Shea Stadium.

Aug. 4, 2007: Alex Rodriguez hits his 500th career home run, off the Royals' Kyle Davies in the Yankees' 16-8 victory. A-Rod, at 32 years, 8 days, becomes the youngest player to reach the plateau, breaking the previous mark of Jimmie Foxx (32 years, 337 days) when he got to 500 Sept. 24, 1940.

If you have some memories you would like to share with Big League Tours, hit the comment button at the end of this blog.

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Big League Tours - Big Apple 2

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August 7, 2008 - After seeing the Old Timers Day fans and players were ready for some great baseball and the Yankees did just that.  After losing the two games before the Los Angeles Angels the Yankees were ready to take on the Angels again today. 

Our Big League Tour Guests were not disapointed with the performance of the players today.  Mussina pitching for the Yankees was in high spirits after experiencing the Old Timers Day, he even hiked up his pants to celebrate the years passed.  Mussina's performance helped the Yankees lead the Angels 8-2 breaking there losing streak in this weekend series.

Giving the fans something to cheer about Alex Rodriguez, Wilson Betemit, and Bobby Abreu all hit homeruns to make the game even more exciting.  It was a fun and exciting day out at Yankee Stadium for our group tour. 

Check out the game wrap-up on the Yankees website.

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Big League Tours Attends Old Timers Day

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August 7, 2008 - Big League Tours tries to find important aspects to include in each tour to give our guests the ultimate baseball vacation experience while on our escorted tours. So, we chose for our Big Apple 2 trip a weekend that had something exciting going on at the Sports Vacationsstadium "Old Timers Day".  Since this is the last year at Yankee Stadium it was a touching day for not only Yankee fans but all baseball fans alike. 

The Yankees invited back some of their former players to the stadium to thank them and congratulate them on all their success as Yankees and in their life.  They had players from all different era's come back to the stadium including Reggie Jackson, Yogi Berra, Dave Winfield, and Rickey Henderson to only name a few.

It was exciting and touching to see all these greats in one place to celebrate them and the ending of an era at Yankee Stadium.  After announcing all the attendees the Yanks that were able to play participated in a few innings against each other.  Allowing Big League Tour guests to see some of the best players from Yankee Stadium play.  Although, some of them were a little rusty it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and we were all glad to be there.

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Big Apple 2 Baseball Tour

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August 4, 2008 - This was our last group tour to New York for the season and it was a bittersweet one at that for all the Yankees Fans. For our first game we went to Yankee Stadium on Friday, August 1 to see the Los Angeles Angels take on the New York Yankees. It was an extrmely close game until the end where the score was zero to zero unti he 9th inning.  Group Travel Tours

Then in the 9th when Torii Hunter of the Angels came up to bat against the Yankees closer Mariano Rivera staring each other down Hunter put his wooden bat to the ball and sent it out into center field.  Hunter accomplished what no other player on either team was able to do the entire game hitting a nice single RBI sending one of his fellow teammates on their way home allowing the Los Angeles Angels to win the game in the last inning Angels 1, Yankees 0. 

Check out the game wrapup on the Yankees website.

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