Mother and Daughter Travel East Coast Baseball Tour

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Group Tours Brings Families Together
September 8, 2008 - Baseball isn't just for the guys anymore. Two of the most loyal and die hard fans to travel with us were a mother Sports Travel and daughter duo from Texas. Betty and Suzanne decided that they wanted to attend a game at "the house that Ruth built" before the Yankees moved into the new Yankee Stadium. Betty was researching trips and their options and came across our East Coast 1 trip including Fenway Park, Cooperstown, and Yankee Stadium. Things that drew them in were guaranteed stops at three of baseball's most sought after sites. Betty and Suzanne are pictured here with Bill "Spaceman" Lee. Lee, a former pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, joined our guests on a private, escorted tour of Fenway Park. 
"The Best part of the trip was getting to make memories with my mom!" states Suzanne. She says that getting to see live baseball in both of these historic places was unforgettable. She recalls the first game at Fenway Park and her mom's reaction. "I wish everyone could have seen her face as she sat down with her scorecard and pencil twenty rows directly behind home plate at Fenway Park. My 63 year old mom was giggling like a 15 year old, and I was doing the same!" I can agree with Suzanne with this statement because I had the opportunity to sit next to them at the Boston game. It has been a great experience working with Big League Tours, but nothing tops seeing the looks on our guests' faces when they sit in their seats and begin to experience what we work so hard to achieve.

Suzanne and Betty achieved their goal of seeing the Yankees play at Yankee Sports Travel PackagesStadium before then end of this year.  They even got to see a Yankee Stadium first where Johnny Damon hit a walk-off game-winning single in the bottom or the ninth. It was the first time a Yankee had ever gone 6-for-6 at Yankee Stadium. Suzanne said, "My mom and I had a wonderful time together. We very rarely get girl time together and thoroughly enjoyed the trip! I'll always remember this time together with her. One of the guys on the tour with us took the trip with his college-age son. He said that it made his heart glad to see a mother and daughter spending time together like this at our age. It gave him hope that he and his son would continue to stay close as they get older, too."

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Big League Tours - Big Apple 2

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August 7, 2008 - After seeing the Old Timers Day fans and players were ready for some great baseball and the Yankees did just that.  After losing the two games before the Los Angeles Angels the Yankees were ready to take on the Angels again today. 

Our Big League Tour Guests were not disapointed with the performance of the players today.  Mussina pitching for the Yankees was in high spirits after experiencing the Old Timers Day, he even hiked up his pants to celebrate the years passed.  Mussina's performance helped the Yankees lead the Angels 8-2 breaking there losing streak in this weekend series.

Giving the fans something to cheer about Alex Rodriguez, Wilson Betemit, and Bobby Abreu all hit homeruns to make the game even more exciting.  It was a fun and exciting day out at Yankee Stadium for our group tour. 

Check out the game wrap-up on the Yankees website.

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Big League Tours Attends Old Timers Day

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August 7, 2008 - Big League Tours tries to find important aspects to include in each tour to give our guests the ultimate baseball vacation experience while on our escorted tours. So, we chose for our Big Apple 2 trip a weekend that had something exciting going on at the Sports Vacationsstadium "Old Timers Day".  Since this is the last year at Yankee Stadium it was a touching day for not only Yankee fans but all baseball fans alike. 

The Yankees invited back some of their former players to the stadium to thank them and congratulate them on all their success as Yankees and in their life.  They had players from all different era's come back to the stadium including Reggie Jackson, Yogi Berra, Dave Winfield, and Rickey Henderson to only name a few.

It was exciting and touching to see all these greats in one place to celebrate them and the ending of an era at Yankee Stadium.  After announcing all the attendees the Yanks that were able to play participated in a few innings against each other.  Allowing Big League Tour guests to see some of the best players from Yankee Stadium play.  Although, some of them were a little rusty it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and we were all glad to be there.

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