Behind the Scenes Tour at Wrigley Field

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July 23, 2010 - Whenever our schedules allow, we try to include baseball stadium tours on our sports vacation packages. They are a great way for fans to see the stadiums in depth and get closer to the game they love.

Cubs clubhouse - photo taken on a stadium tour on a Big League Tours baseball roadtripOne tough ticket is a stadium tour at Wrigley Field. They don't typically offer tours when the team is in town, which is troublesome for us since we're typically there to see a game. However, it worked out for us on our latest of small group tours that we were able to get tickets.

People love Wrigley for its charm, the history, the ivy, the easy-going Cubs fans, and that your team has a better than average shot of winning when there... (Okay, sorry Cubs fans...)

Going behind-the-scenes only makes things more interesting for a fan. For instance, here's a shot from the Cubs clubhouse. In the days of over-sized everything in sports - from paychecks to hat sizes to forearms and biceps and to clubhouses - this is obviously one modest facility. No room for double lockers (or four for Mr. Bonds and his recliner). It's similar to the clubhouse at the old Yankee Stadium.

Pretty interesting to see their digs, isn't it?

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Helpful Tips About Our Package Tours

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March 22, 2010 - BASEBALL, BASEBALL, BASEBALL.It’s not ALL we think about. In fact, while every Big League Tour is designed to provide you with an experience that’s loaded with unique baseball-related events, we’ve also designed each trip to provide you with the freedom to plan some of your own activities. Restaurants, museums, even shopping malls - you’ll have time to explore these unique destinations on your own. Just don’t be late for the game!   
Here are some more details about our baseball vacation packages you might find helpful.
In most cases we’ve secured field level tickets for the games, attempting to make the sportsShot from our seats at Fenway Park tours as enjoyable as possible. Certain tours will feature reserved suites or party rooms which will allow us to have former major league players join us for private meetings at the ball park.
Every trip starts at a specific rendezvous point in our destination city (most likely our hotel). Unless otherwise noted, you’ll be able to get to the rendezvous point whichever way works best for you - live close, drive on over - live farther away, you’ll probably fly in to join us. Have a question? Give us a call and we’ll talk it over.
Some walking will be required on our trips. Whenever possible we’ll be taking baseball stadium tours, and when possible walking from the hotel to the stadium. As most stadiums (and our hotels) will be situated in the downtown areas, plan on walking to lunches, dinners and shopping. The bottom line? Bring comfortable shoes and be prepared to see the sites!
We’ll be staying in great hotels (Hyatt-, Marriott-, and Omni-level hotels). Hotels have been chosen based on their quality, location to the stadium, and proximity to other points of interest. You won't be stuck 200 miles away from civilization on our group travel tours. You'll be able to fully enjoy the cities that we visit.
The trips are designed for fans of all ages. You should consider that the trips will require time on a motor coach, sitting at games, and walking. As long as anyone is capable of handling these elements, they should get along fine. No events are planned in facilities that have age limits. The only request is that you think about the others on the trips so they aren’t put in an uncomfortable situation.

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Take a Tour of Target Field - Minnesota Twins New Stadium

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January 28, 2010 - The new baseball stadium that will be on the itinerary for one of our group travel tours is Target Field, the new home of the Minnesota Twins, that's set to open in April. We're always excited to visit new ballparks and this is no exception. Our tour is heading up there over Memorial Day weekend so we're hoping to catch some warmer air! The views of this baseball stadium tour look great. I'm really excited to head up to the Twin Cities to see the ballpark.

One thing I noticed in the footage are the signs over some of the concession stands. I know that Minnesota is known for its State Fair and fair food. Looks like it made its way into the ballpark. Walleye on a Stick? Haven't seen that anywhere else on our MLB Tours!

Enjoy the video. If you'd like to join us on one of our tour vacations, this would be a great one!

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2010 Baseball Trip Feature: Midwest 3

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January 6, 2010 - Looking for one of the best baseball bus trips available? Check out our Midwest 3 tour package. You'll get to see four of the Midwest's best baseball stadiums in four days. We'll travel in a private luxury motor coach to the stadiums and between the games, we'll setup baseball stadium tours and other escorted tours when the schedule allows.

Comerica Park night gameThis tour starts in the Motor City where the Angels will be in town to take on the Detroit Tigers. Comerica Park, pictured at the left, is a great park to visit. The team and the city really did a great job with this ballpark.

The next day we'll drive to Cleveland to see the Twins take on the Indians at Jacob's Field. (I know it's Progressive Field but that still doesn't seem right...)

Sunday morning we'll take a short drive to Pittsburgh for an afternoon game at PNC Park, another very well done stadium that replaces a 60's/70's vintage concrete bowl that was so prevalent in those days. Don't forget your Primanti Brothers sandwich!

We'll wrap up the last of our tour vacations for the summer with a stop in Cincinnati. We'll snag a tour of the Reds Hall of Fame Museum before seeing the NL Central division rivalry between the Cardinals and Reds at 7:10PM. I'd recommend the Montgomery Inn barbeque. Can't go wrong there!

This baseball vacation package promises to be a great time. For more details on this baseball tour and our other sports tours, visit

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2010 Baseball Trip Feature - Texas

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Janurary 2, 2010 - The stars at night, are big and bright... Well, you know the rest. But have you ever experienced it yourself? No? Then it's passed time to do so. We'll take our group travel tours to four different games in the Lone Star state. These escorted tours start in Arlington, home of the Rangers, where the Angels come in town for an AL West division rivalry series. The game times aren't posted yet but we'll work in a baseball stadium tour when the schedule allows.

On Saturday, we'll load up our private motor coach and make our way down to Houston for some baseball action at Minute Maid Park. In both cities we'll be staying in the heart of the action, giving you a chance to explore Dallas and Houston and experience the cities while we visit.

Come into Dallas early or stay a few days after in Houston for family tours of sites in those great Texas cities. Head to our site to check out the details on this tour and all the 2010 Tour Vacations that we have to offer.

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2010 Baseball Trip Feature - East Coast 1

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Orioles Park at Camden YardsDecember 17, 2009 - East Coast 1 is the granddaddy of our baseball vacation packages. The tour package includes 6 games in 6 different baseball stadiums, a free day to explore New York City, a day at the National Baseball Hall of Fame, a player appearance, and baseball stadium tours at some of baseball's most hallowed halls.

We'll begin in Baltimore, making the hotel there our home base for a few days. We'll have a kickoff reception at the hotel on Saturday night. On Sunday morning, we'll head to Nationals Park for an afternoon game between the Cincinnati Reds and the Nationals. Monday, we'll drive up to Philadelphia to see the Padres and Phillies. Tuesday, we'll take a stadium tour of Orioles Park and see the Yankees and Orioles play.

On Wednesday, we'll board the motor coach and head up to New York City, our home base for the next three nights. We'll go to Citi Field to see the Mets host the Padres. Thursday, you'll have the day on your own to shop 5th Avenue, take escorted tours of the city's sites, or to stroll through Central Park.

Friday we'll tour Yankee Stadium and see the Yankees play the Astros. Saturday we'll trek up to Cooperstown for the day at the National Baseball Hall of Fame. We'll grab dinner in Cooperstown and then head to Boston. Sunday, we'll take in the Phillies and Red Sox and, if the schedule allows, we'll take a stadium tour of Fenway Park.

The hotel is provided Sunday night after the Red Sox game as part of the package. You also have the option of coming into Baltimore early or staying later in Boston so let us customize your sports vacations for you.

This premier sports travel package promises to be a great time. For more details on this baseball tour and our other MLB Tours, visit

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2010 Baseball Trip Feature - Atlanta

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December 15, 2009 - We're going to open up the first baseball tour of our 2010 season in Atlanta, Georgia. We'll head down south in the middle of May before things get too hot. The Atlanta Braves will be taking on the Cincinnati Reds for a two game series and we'll be there for all the action.

We'll be staying in the heart of downtown Atlanta and traveling to the games via first class motor coach. The times haven't been announced for this series but we expect that the first game on Wednesday will be in the evening and that the game on Thursday will be an afternoon start. That should give us a different experience for both games at Turner Field.

As the team finalizes the schedule, we'll be able to finalize some other elements of our itinerary. If possible, we'll be including a stadium tour of The Ted. And, as on all of our MLB Tours, we'll also be adding a Big League Experience by bringing in a baseball player, media personality, or front office personnel to give us an inside view of the game.

Head to our site to check out the details on this tour and all the 2010 Tour Vacations that we have to offer.

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2010 Travel Package Tours Released

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December 13, 2009 - We are really excited to announce that our 2010 baseball vacation packages have been released. All totaled, we have 10 tour vacations that will visit 25 of the 30 stadiums this year. The package tours run from May to August and are as short as two days and as long as 9 days. Our tour groups will visit 35+ games over the course of the summer with options to add on games and extend visits in each of the cities where our tours originate.

This is a fun time of year for us. The season is brand new. The scheduling options are virtually unlimited. And we know that we're going to meet more great folks this year as we hit the road for another season of MLB tours.

Keep an eye out for more information. We will be blogging about each specific tour package, what's included in each as well as providing updates (such as player appearances, stadium tours, and other tour add-ons), and new features that we've added this season for the upcoming tour vacations.

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East Coast 1 Tour - Part Five

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May 9, 2009, Boston - Today we left Cooperstown and headed on the Mass Turnpike to Boston to hang out for several hours on Yawkey Way. Of all the places we go on our group travel tours, this is one of, if not my favorite place to visit. The atmosphere around Fenway is so hard to beat. It's one of the best places for family vacation tours or vacation group tours of all sizes.

We arrived at the ballpark in time to do some shopping and take in the noon tour of Fenway. This baseball stadium tour is one of the best. Maybe because Fenway isn't a stadium at all. It's a ballpark. The oldest ballpark in the major leagues at that.

I was surprised to learn that a few sections of the ballpark had new seats installed in the off season making them a little roomier (a little, mind you...) and a little more comfortable than their wooden predecessors. You are guaranteed to be close to the action at Fenway but you'll always be closer to the fans sitting next to you!

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East Coast 1 Tour - Part Two

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May 7, 2009, New York City - Today our small group tour heads out to Yankee Stadium for a game at the new ballpark. It had been raining off and on today but the weather was supposed Great Hall in the New Yankee Stadiumto break in plenty of time to get in the game. We headed uptown on the 4 train to the stadium a few hours before the game. Even though the stadium opens 3 hours before the game, we watched the ground crew cover the field when we were on our baseball stadium tour so we didn't expect to see batting practice. We went out early anyway just to take in the sites.

Arriving 2.5 hours before the game, I expected to see the familiar lines outside the stadium with stadium security barking orders about which gates to enter, bleacher seats, backpacks, etc. Instead, there were no lines and we walked right into the ballpark. It gave us time to explore the stadium some more, visit Monument Park again, and figure out just exactly what we wanted to eat!

The new stadium proved to be a great place to watch game. The folks on our package tour were seated around the ballpark in lower-level seats with fantastic views of the action. Several of us had baseballs hit near us or players throwing balls into the stands close to us. I can't wait to get back out there again this summer. If you are interested in joining us, check out our package tours on our website. We would love to have you join us!

Click here to see a complete wrapup of the game.

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