2010 Baseball Trip Feature - Midwest 2

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December 16, 2009 - Our Midwest 2 baseball vacation package begins in Chicago. Our group will meet at our hotel on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago and begin the tour by heading out to Wrigley Field for the great rivalry of the Cardinals vs. the Cubs for what will likely be a Sunday afternoon game.

On Monday, you'll have the opportunity to see the sites in Chicago - shop till you drop, take escorted tours of the architecture or skyline of the city, or take some family tours of the great museums. The next day will venture to US Cellular Field to see Josh Hamilton and the Rangers take on Ozzie's White Sox.

Wednesday we'll depart for St. Louis and Busch Stadium to see the Cardinals in their home venue. We'll stay in the heart of the city that evening and then leave for Kansas City in the morning. While in KC we'll see a game at Kaufmann Stadium and visit the Negro League Museum for a look into some of the rich history of baseball.

This premier sports travel package promises to be a great time. For more details on this baseball tour and our other sports vacations, visit

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Midwest Tour: Part III

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July 25, 2009 - Final day of one of our baseball road trips. We headed out Wrigley Field, The View from our seats on one of our baseball travel toursFriendly Confines, to see the Cubs take on the Cincinnati Reds. Admittedly, growing up a Reds fan, I was pulling for the "other" team but to no avail. The Cubs completed the sweep and sent my Reds packing. Click here to see the box score from the game.

Having been to games at Wrigley both at day and night, it's easy for me to see why they resisted putting lights in for so long. In my opinion, it's so much better to see day games there. The atmosphere is a total party buzz throughout the game and you know it's going to continue on for many more hours in Wrigleyville.

As the second oldest of the MLB baseball stadiums, one can't help but enjoy the charm of the ballpark. One also can't help but notice it's imperfections and crumbling infrastructure, too. When this team is sold, I'm certain that the new owners will need to address the challenges with the old ballpark. Even with its imperfections, it's still an awesome place for family tours.

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Cubs vs. Cardinals - Look to the Cookie...?

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Like many people in my generation, I grew up a huge Seinfeld fan. Still to this day I can't help but pause and watch an episode whenever I see it's on. One of my favorite episodes is when Jerry and Elaine spend the whole show in a New York bakery trying to pick something up for a dinner party. While waiting, Jerry eats the imfamous "black and white" cookie. Here's the clip:

Jerry believes that the black and white cookie is the symbol of racial harmony. That all things are good with the cookie. That we need to "look to the cookie."

I couldn't help think of this episode recently. As we travel from stadium to stadium on our baseball travel tours, we gather things from each team, especially when the baseball teams are passing things out at the gate. So what made me think of this was when I was wearing a St. Louis Cardinals t-shirt and drinking from a Chicago Cubs cup. Taboo? Maybe.

If you haven't seen the end of the Seinfeld show, Jerry's unifying cookie ends up causing him, shall we say, to lose his groceries. My concern, of course, was that my Cubs/Cardinals combination would have a similar effect on me. Luckily, I didn't feel any ill effects. However, I'm sure that some of you would have problems donning your rival team's gear, or drinking from their cups, or displaying their bobbleheads - even if they were something you gathered for free on a group travel tour.

Then again, this might be the very reason stadiums don't sell cookies with their team's logo on one side and their opponent's logo on the other. We may not be ready to "look to the cookie..."

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Call Me Old School - What I Like to See at Baseball Games

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Vintage or retro, call it what you will. I love it! I’m talking about the change in the Orioles and Blue Jays logos that were recently announced. Have you seen the changes? They are as I remember them as a kid, and in my opinion how they should’ve remained all along. I’m thrilled to see the return of both birds, cartoon-style. 
It’s been fun in recent years to watch teams utilize “throw back” uniforms, but it’s nice to see that some things simply stay the same. While I’m not a fan of the Yankees, I love their traditional blocked letter “NY” and timeless pinstripes. The Red Sox “B” stirs emotion of either love or dread. Then there is Detroit’s Old English “D” and the Chicago Cubs red “C” that have remained constant throughout time. While the Indians and the Braves have gotten a bit more politically correct over the years, logos will always define their teams.
I’m an old-time traditionalist who loves the game of baseball. I love the relaxing atmosphere at baseball games. I love baseball pants (high ones). I love seeing socks, but don’t prefer skater-boy hat bills. I love that baseball is still just baseball after all this time.
This traditionalist can hardly wait to begin cheering on her Cincinnati Red Stockings again!

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Midwest 1 Tour - Wrigley Field

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Visiting One of MLB's Best - Wrigley Field
August 10, 2008 - One of the most common requests for baseball trips is to offer a baseball vacation package that includes Wrigley Field. And for good reason. Although it's crumbling around you (literally) as you watch the game, it's still a fantastic place for baseball. This was the first time that my wife and daughters had joined one of our group tours to Wrigley and they loved it.Baseball stadium tours that include Wrigley Field.

The Cubs loved it, too. The game was originally scheduled to be played in the afternoon but was moved to an evening game so that it could be covered on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball. After the sun went down and the winds picked up, I don't think there was an unsold sweatshirt or long-sleeved shirt left in any vending booth in the ballpark. I know that our family came home from this baseball vacation all decked out in Cubs gear!

Some of our group headed out to Wrigley early in the day but here's a picture of part of our group outside the ballpark. The Cubs went on to beat the Cardinals pretty handily by a score of 6-2. Click here to check out the box score from the game.

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MW1 Baseball Tour Ends With The Cubs

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Baseball Trip Takes Us To Wrigley Field
August 20, 2008 - Sunday was the last day of Midwest 1 and what better way to end it with heading out to Wrigley Field.  This was the game I had personallyBaseball Travel Tours been looking forward to for the whole MLB road trip.  On this day the Cubs took on the St. Louis Cardinals and being a Cardinals Fan anyone who knows the two teams know they have somewhat of a rivalry. 

So, I came to the game decked out in my Cardinals gear ready to see a great game.  Wrigley Field is one of the oldest stadiums left so the atmosphere and the feeling of being there is like no other.  Everyone who comes is ready to have a great time and enjoy some of America's favorite past time.  Unfortunately for me, the Cardinals did not have such a great game, but it was a great to see Ryan Dempster's 13th win this season.  The Cubs won the game 6-2 and ended up winning the series 2-1.  To see the official stats click here.

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Midwest 1 Baseball Tour - Chicago and Milwaukee

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Group Travel Tours by the Lake
August 8, 2008 - Each year, this is one of my favorite sports packages that we offer. We get to incorporate White Sox, Brewers and Cubs games all while staying in the heart of the Windy City.

Player experiences are part of our MLB ToursThis year, our package tour began at U.S. Cellular Field with our Big League Player Experience with Ron Kittle. Ron was the American League rookie of the year in 1983 and was a noted power hitter throughout his career. This Player Experience was held inside the ballpark before the gates opened up and in the Jim Beam club section. The fans traveling with us were able to listen to Ron share some stories about his career, ask him questions about the game, and watch the White Sox take batting practice from seats with a perfect view.

The game featured Mark Buerle pitching against Jon Lester and the World Champion Boston Red Sox. We had great seats as a group on the third base line between the dugout and home plate - an awesome place to watch a game. The White Sox were pleased to walk away with a victory with a 5-3 score. We headed back to the hotel with plans to head to Miller Park on Saturday.

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