What Makes Us Different?

Posted by Big League Tours on Tue, Nov 22, 2011 @ 08:30 PM
I'm often asked, "What makes your BLT traveler with Bill "Spaceman" Lee atop the Green Monster at Fenway Parkbaseball travel tours different from anything else that's out there?" That's a great question and one that we love to answer!

2010 marks the fifth season of escorted tours for our company. I started Big League Tours when I couldn’t find a company that offered package tours the way I wanted to see the various parks. Since we’re fans first, our goal is to offer you tours the way you want them. Here are some things that make us different from the other guys:
  • We get you in the action, arranging meet & greets with players, front office management, or broadcasters
  • We also make sure you have great lower-level seats
  • Our tour vacations take place on long weekends, making it an easy trip to arrange for the guys or even for family tours
  • We stay in great hotels in the heart of the cities, making sure your trip is a complete experience
  • We take pride in our flexibility, we plan plenty of activities that you can join or break off on your own
  • We always do our best to minimize travel time to allow you the maximum amount of time at our destination.
Check out some of the testimonials from our clients to see what they have to say about us and our tours. You can also visit our ballpark images, photos that our travelers have taken from parks all over the country.

We’re planning exciting things for this year and hope you'll join us and fans from all over North America as we experience baseball like never before. Let us know if you have any questions. And if you can, join us on a Big League Tour this coming year for a fantastic baseball experience.

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East Coast 1 Tour - Part Five

Posted by Big League Tours on Tue, Nov 22, 2011 @ 03:00 PM
May 9, 2009, Boston - Today we left Cooperstown and headed on the Mass Turnpike to Boston to hang out for several hours on Yawkey Way. Of all the places we go on our group travel tours, this is one of, if not my favorite place to visit. The atmosphere around Fenway is so hard to beat. It's one of the best places for family vacation tours or vacation group tours of all sizes.

We arrived at the ballpark in time to do some shopping and take in the noon tour of Fenway. This baseball stadium tour is one of the best. Maybe because Fenway isn't a stadium at all. It's a ballpark. The oldest ballpark in the major leagues at that.

I was surprised to learn that a few sections of the ballpark had new seats installed in the off season making them a little roomier (a little, mind you...) and a little more comfortable than their wooden predecessors. You are guaranteed to be close to the action at Fenway but you'll always be closer to the fans sitting next to you!

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We Went to Bat For You!!

Posted by Big League Tours on Tue, Nov 22, 2011 @ 12:30 PM
Big League Tours group on private stadium tour of Yankee StadiumMarch 24, 2009 - We know that times are tough so we went to bat for you. We were able to secure lower rates from our travel partners and are passing on the savings to you. So for a limited time, take advantage of lower rates on all of our group travel tours.

We want to see you at the ballpark this summer enjoying baseball stadium tours, meeting Big League players, or just enjoying the game that we all love so much. So check out the revised prices of our 2009 Tour Packages and reserve your spot today!

Here's a quick snapshot of the tour offerings with hotlinks to the details for each of the sports packages:
East Coast 1 - New York, Cooperstown and Boston from $2,000 per person*
East Coast 2 - New York and Boston from $1,750 per person*
Atlanta - Atlanta Braves from $975 per person*
Midwest - Chicago and Milwaukee from $1,400 per person*
Big Apple - New York Mets and Yankees from $1,325 per person*
Seattle - Seattle Mariners package from $1,200 per person*

*All prices are based on double occupancy

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Rich Gedman to Join Big League Tours in Boston

Posted by Big League Tours on Tue, Nov 22, 2011 @ 11:45 AM
March 1, 2009 - Our 2009 sports tours begin with our East Coast 1 Tour to New York, Cooperstown and Boston. We'll take in a game at the brand new Yankee Stadium. We will then head to Cooperstown and spend the day at the National Baseball Hall of Fame as well as in the village. The next day we'll Rich Gedman - Big League Player Exerience for BLT's Baseball Travel Tourshead to Boston for a private tour of Fenway Park, hang out on Yawkey Way, and take in a Red Sox game.

But the highlight of this tour, and all of our baseball travel tours, will be our Big League Player Experience. This time we will be joined by former Red Sox catcher, Rich Gedman.

Gedman broke into the Big Leagues in September of 1980 when he pinch hit for Carl Yastrzemski. In 1981, Rich was named as The Sporting News Rookie of the Year. He was also named an All Star in 1985 and 1986.

Gedman's career statistics include include a .252 batting average, 88 home runs and 382 RBI's. His Big League career ran until his retirement in 1994.

Check out our website for more details about this and other exciting group travel tours offered by Big League Tours.

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Big League Tours in the News

Posted by Big League Tours on Tue, Nov 22, 2011 @ 11:00 AM
February 15, 2009 - Big League Tours was featured in the Indianapolis Star today. Here's an excerpt from the article:
"Similarly, baseball is a passion for me that began at an early age. I grew up playing baseball, watching the game of the week on Saturdays and going to Riverfront Stadium every chance that I could. My dad and I used to talk about visiting every Major League ballpark, and we visited a few here and there. But when my son, who's now 11, started getting into baseball, we began talking about visiting all the parks, too. I realized that I had a window of opportunity to go to as many of the stadiums as I could with him and my dad before life passed us up and we no longer had the opportunity.
As I looked into the options of going with other tour operators or going on my own, I didn't like what I saw. Other tour operators offered seven- to 10-day package tours that had you on a bus for 3,000-plus miles, staying at cheap motels in the middle of nowhere and sitting in group seats in the upper decks. None of that appealed to me. I also thought that going alone wouldn't afford me some things that could more easily be done in a group.
I began pulling together a business plan. I surrounded myself with people with experience in group travel tours, and (who) had connections with baseball. Once the idea had jelled, the launch began in the fall of 2005 and the baseball travel tours began in 2006. We offer really cool opportunities for baseball lovers, like bringing in current and former Major League Baseball players to meet with our guests. We take private stadium tours and get special access to stadiums. It's been a real dream to think up and plan the tours the way that I would want to take them and to share that with other baseball fans."
Go to IndyStar.com to see the full article. You can also go to BigLeagueTours.com to learn more about the small group tours that we have available for the 2009 season.

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Cold Weather Have You Thinking About Family Tours and Trips?

Posted by Big League Tours on Mon, Nov 21, 2011 @ 07:00 AM

January 16, 2009 - I think that most of the country is blanketed with some pretty cold weather right at this moment. It certainly is at the Big League Tours headquarters in Indianapolis. We just had our coldest day in five years.

Cold weather gets me thinking about leaving...someplace warm...anywhere warm...But what really helps me get through these winter months is knowing that very soon we'll be heading out on our group travel tours to baseball stadiums across the country.

Maybe you can imagine the sound of the bat, the smell of ballpark food, and the familiar chant of the vendors making their way through the seats and use those images to sustain you until you head out for your own sports travel this summer.

I know that I will be relying on them to get me through!

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Testimonial from One of Our Small Group Tours

Posted by Big League Tours on Sun, Nov 20, 2011 @ 10:30 PM
December 4, 2008 - Here's a letter that we received from one of our customers, Bob Ward of Texas. As you'll see, Bob traveled on one of our small group tours through the Midwest in August of '08. Here's what he had to say:

"I traveled with a relative and his 10-year-old grandson, who was awestruck most of the Dave Parker joins one of our group travel tours in Cincinnatitime. The Midwest 2 Tour was our first with Big League Tours and was by far the best of the four I have taken, the first three with another company.  George had taken two other tours with another company.

The price of all the tours (we've taken) was comparable, but the services provided by Big League Tours was far superior, in our opinion.

"The primary things that set Big League Tours trip apart from the others, in our opinion, was two-fold: 1) location and quality of the hotels and 2) location of the game ticket seats.

"On this tour, we visited four cities and ballparks (Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati). The hotels were all located within walking distance of the ballpark (15 minutes or less), and all our tickets were in the lower level. In one case, at Pittsburgh, the seats were right behind the visitors' dugout, and in Cincinnati, we were three rows from field level right by third base. Great seats at all parks, but the two mentioned specifically were special.

"Another added touch that we liked was the idea of staying downtown in the cities visited, which made it easier to become more familiar with the cities (Detroit has a fabulous river walk).

"On this tour, we had a sit-down visit with baseball great Dave Parker, a two-time major league batting champ, who had a long and illustrious major league career. This was a great experience for us. Parker was such a personable, down-to-earth person who acted as if he really enjoyed talking with with us and answering our many questions. He was especially good with the two 10-year-old Little League boys on the trip. This, to us, was the exclamation point to the whole trip.

"We would recommend traveling with Big League Tours, and this is a non-paid endorsement from the heart."

Bob Ward (Texas) and George Wood (California)

Thanks to Bob and George for the kind words about the group travel tours that we offer. We hope that you'll join us this year so that you can experience the difference of a Big League Tour!

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A Few Tips For Being Prepared On A Big League Tours Trip

Posted by Big League Tours on Sun, Nov 20, 2011 @ 10:00 PM
December 2, 2008 - Have you purchased your small group tours for '09 and are ready for the excitement?  Have you ever went on a trip and forgot some little thing that you wish you hadn't?  It happens to a lot of us here are some simple ways to ease your travels while going on sports tours in '09.

Some tips for travelers heading on a tour with Big League Tours in '09:
  • Make a list of everything you want to take on the sports vacation
  • Pack rain gear; rain coat, umbrella etc.
  • Pack a set of warm clothes
  • Bring a mitt if you plan on being in the outfield during batting practice
  • Bring a baseball, hat, etc. we have meet and greets with players and alumni on most of our baseball vacation packages and they are always willing to sign memorabilia
  • Check and make sure your bag or book bag will be allowed in the stadium
  • Don't forget your camera

These are just a few reminders for what to bring while on sports vacations with Big League Tours.  We're always willing to answer questions so if your not sure about something ask us! If you haven't booked a trip with us yet check out our website.  We look forward to meeting you for the first time or seeing you again in 2009!

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Should You Purchase Travel Insurance?

Posted by Big League Tours on Sun, Nov 20, 2011 @ 08:30 PM

More and More Travelers are Purchasing Travel Insurance
December 2, 2008 - Did you know that recent surveys have found more travelers are purchasing travel insurance? Did you know that Big League Tours offers travel insurance? Travel insurance can take a great relief of stress off of travelers while traveling in escorted tours or purchasing a vacation through a consultant. 

Some program options Travel Guard insurance can give you on your sports vacations:

  • Cancel for any reason optional coverage
  • Cancel for work reasons optional coverage
  • Children age 17 and younger no additional charge (Must be related to the primary insured)
  • Medical evacuation home OR optional coverage of your hospital choice

Some other coverage travelers will receive in unforeseen trip related expenses:

  • Trip Cancellation, interruption and delay
  • Lost, stolen or damaged baggage or travel documents
  • Luggage Delay

If you are planning family tours in 2009 consider travel insurance to give you the ease of knowing you're covered in the case of an unforeseen incident. Check out our website to see what Big League Tours and Travel Guard can offer you.

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Christmas Gifts - Help 'em with Their Bucket List

Posted by Big League Tours on Sun, Nov 20, 2011 @ 11:30 AM
Looking For Memorable Christmas Gifts?
December is approaching rapidly which means the buying season is upon us.  Big League Tours is proud to offer unique and memorable gifts. If you're looking for that special gift to last a lifetime consider one of our many sports packages. Whether its a gift for a family member or friend they are sure to enjoy the life long memories they will experience on their baseball road trip. 

On many of our baseball tours we offer an array of unique aspects. Guests will be able to experience each game in lower level seating. They will also experience stadium tours, one on one Big League Tours player experiences, and take in the sites of each city. This is the first year also that Big League Tours will be offering a gift package. This way your family member or friend will be able to open an actual gift on Christmas, their birthday, or anniversary. Each package consists of jumbo game tickets that describe the trip that they are receiving, a Big League Tours hat, an MLB baseball, and a box of Cracker Jack.

So, if you want a gift that will last a lifetime, consider one of our many baseball vacation packages.

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