Fireworks Bonanza at US Cellular Field

Posted by Big League Tours on Sat, Nov 19, 2011 @ 09:30 PM
Family Tours Enjoy Fireworks
August 25, 2008 - When starting out at U.S. Cellular on Midwest 1 everyone was pumped and ready for the festivities and games to begin.  For an added bonus the White Sox put on a firework show and added some music for a great effect. It was a wonderful display probably one of the best I had ever seen up until that point in my life.  Small Group Tours and Sports PackagesThey had big boomers and small shooting fireworks that lasted for a very long time.  They did a wonderful job timing the fireworks with the music and just did a fantastic job. 

On Midwest 2 the next place to give us a firework show was Pittsburgh and I have to say this was my favorite of all times.  Not only did they have a firework show for all their fans, but they had REO Speedwagon come in and play.  All the lights went down in the stadium and off to the right the fireworks started going off.  Then the next thing you know REO Speedwagon is on stage playing in front of you in the infield.  They put on an amazing show and just when we thought it was over the fireworks started again and then back to REO.  This back and forth went on for over an hour.  So, not only did the fans get to see a MLB game but they also got to see a live concert and firework show.  This was one of the best things i have ever seen a stadium do for their fans I was absolutely blown away. 

The next night in Cincinnati they had a firework show also.  It was no concert and firework show, but they did an amazing job.  These were some of the biggest boomers that I had ever seen or heard.  They were such a loud boom they made you shake and jump right out of your seat.  Midwest 1 and 2 had many great aspects, but nothing better than fireworks in the summer while enjoying Americas favorite past time.

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