2011 Baseball Tours Are Now Available

Posted by Big League Tours on Wed, Nov 23, 2011 @ 04:15 AM
November 27, 2010 - Big League Tours' sixth season of offering one-of-a-kind baseball tours will begin in April with a sports travel package that is making its first appearance on our roster - a tour that includes two days of the Masters tournament in Augusta and a pair of Braves games in Atlanta. This is just one of the unique additions that we've incorporated into our baseball tours this year.

In addition to seeing lots of big league baseball around the country, we've included some other sites into our tours like the Masters tournament, Niagara Falls, and Disneyland. Our tour vacations also provide free days in MLB cities, like San Francisco or Washington D.C., where you'll have time to visit monuments and museums in the nation's capitol making these great family tours.

Here's the schedule of our 2011 baseball tours:
  • Augusta & Atlanta - April 5-10
  • Cubs at Fenway - May 20-22
  • Boston, Cooperstown & New York - May 21-25
  • Southern Cal - June 10-14
  • East Coast - June 11-19
  • New York, Cooperstown & Boston - June 15-19
  • Northwest - July 1-5
  • Midwest Plus - July 20-26
  • Chicago & Milwaukee - August 2-6
  • Big Apple - August 10-14
Take a peak at the schedules, find which of the sports travel tours best fits your schedule, and join us next year for some exciting big league baseball and much more!

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