Opening Day Is Finally Here!!

Posted by Big League Tours on Mon, Jan 16, 2012 @ 05:30 PM

April 2010 (Repost) - I know that ESPN bills last night's game as opening day but the purest in me just can't except that "made Group in Orioles dugout on a private stadium tourfor TV" hype. Admittedly, I watched the game last night but still believe that the season doesn't officially open until today. Opening Day, after all, should be comprised of day games, shouldn't it? Parades, presentations, fanfare, too. If it was up to me, Opening Day would be a national holiday.

Today's the day that every team is tied for first and believes that they have a chance to stay in the hunt this year. Today's the day that we realize that we will have professional baseball played everyday until the first of November. Today's the day that summer begins in my book.

So enjoy the day today. Catch your team's opener. And get ready for another summer of baseball and taking baseball travel tours to see your team all summer long!

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