Different Vantage Point at Wrigley

Posted by Big League Tours on Wed, Nov 23, 2011 @ 01:30 AM

July 23, 2010 - I have had the good fortune to visit most of the Major League ballparks. Many of them quite a few times, especially the most popular parks and places our clients love to visit. If you've been on one of our tours, you know that we take your seat locations very seriously. It's something that's quite different about us from the other guys.

I've heard customers of our competitors say that they sat four rows from the top at Yankee Stadium and were clear out by the foul pole. Never on one of our tours. You'll sit in lower level seats, most of the time between the bases, sometimes just outside. Our goal is for you to walk into the ballpark, be amazed at the sites, and love your seats. My favorite reaction is to hear our customers walk out of the stadium and say, "Those were fantastic seats!"

Admittedly, seat location is one of the reasons that I started this biz. I don't want to be four View from just under the press box at Wrigleyrows from the moon at Yankee Stadium and don't think you do either. All that said, I've now started buying tickets for myself in varied locations when I'm on our MLB road trips. I'm enjoying checking out the different baseball stadiums from different vantage points. I'll do this expecially if it's a park that I've been to many times or one where we are seeing multiple games at the same stadium on one of our MLB tours.

Case in point, here's a shot that I took from my seats at Wrigley on a recent visit. I have to admit, I really enjoyed these seats. As you can see, it's a great view of the ballpark. You can see all of the action from here. It's in the shade, which was really important on a Sunday afternoon game when the temps were in the 90's. And, if you've ever been to Wrigley you'll appreciate this, there wasn't anybody walking in front of us during the game!

I'll definitely sit in these seats again. There just below the announcers booth so if they were good enough for Harry all those years, they have to be good.

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