Meeting Zack Hample in Atlanta

Posted by Big League Tours on Wed, Nov 23, 2011 @ 12:15 AM

May 20, 2010 - On August 24, 2008, I posted a video of Zack Hample, the man who was featured on CBS for his ability to snag foul balls and batting practice balls at MLB games.  At the Ted with Zack Hample I loved the story then and it gets even better now.

After the game was over at Turner Field, we were hanging out talking to some fans who we had met during the game. Who appeared next to us? None other than Zack himself.

At the time of my first post, Zack had successfully snagged at least one baseball in over 450 consecutive games. When we talked last night, the string was still alive at 644 consecutive games. Not only that, but he snagged 14 baseballs at yesterday's game!

If you want to learn more about Zack, click here to check out his website. Hopefully we'll bump into him again on one of our MLB road trips. Watch for him. He'll be the one who just caught the foul ball...

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