Baseball Travel Tours are Unique With Big League Tours

Posted by Big League Tours on Mon, Nov 21, 2011 @ 05:30 AM

Baseball Travel Tours are Unique With Big League Tours
December 4, 2008 - The age old question when travelers are looking at sports packages with Big League Tours is simply what makes you different? 

Big League Tours specializes in baseball road trips across all of the United States and Toronto, Canada.  We are serious about getting you, the travelers, a unique experience, memories to last a lifetime and an all out great vacation.  

Here are some of the comparisons you can get with Big League Tours and with other sports tour companies:
  • Hotels outside of the city not by any major attractions or the stadium itself.
  • Big League Tours offers hotels in the heart of the city allowing you to have easy access to attractions and things you might want to do while you aren't at a baseball game.  Ex: In New York City we stay in Manhattan where you are in walking distance of Times Square, Central Park, 5th Ave. and much more.
  • Seats at the games somewhere up in the upper decks. 
  • Big League Tours only purchases tickets in lower level seating.  Allowing guests to experience the baseball game like they most likely never have, close up and in all of the action.
  • Baseball stadium tours is most likely not even an option.
  • Big League Tours offers private baseball stadium tours when the time is allotted.
  • One on one meet and greets with retired and current players? Again most likely not going to happen.
  • Big League Tours offers player experiences whenever they can.  Some retired players we have used in the past have included: Bill "Spaceman" Lee, Dick Drago and Ron Kittle just to name a few. 

Well, those are just a few of the things that makes Big League Tours so different from the rest.  We hope to see you in '09! Check out our website to see which tour you would like to be part of!

Remember don't just go to a game, become part of it!

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