East Coast Baseball Road Trip

Posted by Big League Tours on Fri, Nov 18, 2011 @ 11:30 PM

Baseball vacation packages at their longest and finest!
June 30, 2008--I just got back from the longest trip that Big League Tours offered this summer.  We accomplished a groundbreaking six stadiums in six days out on the east coast.  We started out in Baltimore where we saw the Orioles beat the Astros 7 to 5. We then took a stadium tour of Camden Yards.  This is by far my favorite park to this date.  It is the most sense pleasing park I have been to so far.  Now when I say sense pleasing it is not only eye pleasing but smell, touch, and the sound of the park are all spectacular.  If you ever have the opportunity to go I highly recommend it!

Next, we took off to Washington D.C. where we saw the Texas Rangers VS the Washington Nationals.  In this 14 inning stretch the Nationals finally accomplished what they had set out to do they beat the Rangers 4 to 3. Next stop on our baseball trip was a quick stop in Philadelphia to see them take on the Los Angeles Angels. Angels definitely flew into play and the Phillies just could not hold them off and lost the game 2 to 6. 

As our baseball trip was way under way we headed to New York to see the Yankees and the Mets play.  Yankees turned out on top when they played the Red's in the rain delayed day game.  However, the Mets as lucky Felix Hernandez had a great and bad game all in one.  He went up to bat in the second inning and hit a grand slam becoming the first American League pitcher since 1971!  Then in the fifth inning there was a play made at home and Felix was taken out by the runner.  He tried to pitch again but you could see him wince in pain as he put weight on his left leg he was then taken out of the game.

Our last stop was Boston where we met up with Dick Drago a pitcher who played for the Red Sox in the 70's.  We got to hear some great stories from him and it's always great fun to have them reminisce with all of us. Then we got to see the Diamondbacks take on the Red Sox where the Sox beat the Diamondbacks in a nail biting close game. For part of the game we were able to stand on top of the green monster.  It was amazing! Unfortunately we didn't have any grand slams when we were up there, but it was still a once in a lifetime opportunity.  This was a long and packed trip but it was one of the best baseball road trips I have been on so far. I can't wait till next year...

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