Pittsburgh Pirates on Midwest 1 Baseball Tour

Posted by Big League Tours on Sat, Nov 19, 2011 @ 06:30 PM
Package Tours Make A Stop In Pittsburgh
August 25, 2008 - The next stop on our tour was Pittsburgh, PA to see the Pirates take on the Cincinnati Reds.  We were all very impressed with PNC Park it was even nicer than we had heard. I loved Camden Yards and many parks have been based off of its design including PNC Park.  It is very pleasing to the eye, well kept, and fun for all ages.  Baseball Stadium ToursMy only complaint would be when you are in the outfield area it can get a little confusing to where you are supposed to go, but I found my way back to home plate. 

This was also such a great experience because we were in the fourth row from the visiting team, Cincinnati Reds, dugout.  This gave us a great view of the players as the came in and out of the dugout and an amazing view of the entire field.  However, being this close to the field along the baseline can be dangerous so we had to be aware at all times. 

Unfortunately, just like all the games before the home team lost again.  I don't know if our group being there put a jinx on all the home teams, but the home team lost again.  The Cincinnati Reds took the Pirates for a win 3-1.  We were able to see Chris Dickerson, the rookie of the team, first career RBI in the sixth inning.  To read more about the games or to see official stats please click here.

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