Setting Up Group Travel Tours

Posted by Big League Tours on Wed, Nov 16, 2011 @ 03:30 PM
April 1, 2008 - Many times, we talk with individuals in an organization or group who are put in charge with organizing a group travel tour who doesn't normally handle travel - i.e. customers are coming into town, the "team mom" is planning a trip, an incentive package is offered to employees, or a group of friends wants to meet in a new city.

If you've never planned a large or small group tour, the task can be daunting, especially if the tour is in a city with which you are unfamiliar. Sports tours, particularly sports travel packages, can be a great way to minimize your effort and stress and allow you to relax while you successfully host the group tour.

Whether it's a baseball road trip you seek or some other sports tour, consider working with a tour operator who can offer you a package tour customized to your group, many times obtaining discounts because of their travel network, and providing you a service that will save you valuable time.

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