What Our Guests Say About Our Tours

"Excellent seats for all games. The Big League Player Experience was one of the nicest parts of the trip. And our host - couldn't have asked for better!"  Nancy F. from Florida

"This was a very enjoyable experience. All aspects of the tour were very well run. Very professional and first class!"  Mike M. from Indianapolis, IN

IMG_9122"For anyone wondering if this is for real, believe me, it is. I was a little worried when everything was transacted over the Internet. Don't let that fool or frighten you. This is a classy act and you'll have a wonderful experience. All of this with people who love the game just like you do."  John R. from Sacramento, CA

"Can't say enough about these guys. Very professional and also very personal. They were so helpful and offered as much or as little assistance as needed. Never in your face but always available as hosts. Great hosts, perfect tour."  Robin R. from Ridgefield, WA

"Great seats for all of the games.....first time to all of these parks...the ONLY way to go!" Steve H. from El Cajon, CA

"WE WERE VERY PLEASED WITH OUR SEATS. The boys truly enjoyed being able to get up close and personal with the players and had some great opportunities of getting foul balls."  Carol M. from Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"The entire tour was well organized and awesome! Thank you so much for your hard work, we had an amazing time!!"  Jennifer B. from Whiterock, BC

IMG_7567_2"Everything was more than expected. Our tour guide took very good care of everyone. We liked having the extra time to see the sites."  Toni W. from Orange, CA

"I am not a baseball fan, I was simply accompanying my daughter on her trip. I had absolutely the best time and thoroughly enjoyed all the games. Great seats....especially in San Francisco."  Susan G. from Toronto, Ontario

"Beautiful accommodations in lovely hotels. Clean, excellent service, high end names and quality. The tour was worth every penny I spent. It was a graduation gift for my son. Thank you for making it a very special experience." Steven S. from Fresno, CA

"This trip completely exceeded our expectations. Great host & trip." Joe P. from Show Low, AZ

"Trip of a lifetime!!"  Ed J. from Clarkston, Washington

"The hotels were always four or five star. The locations were terrific to either walk to the games, or see the sights in your off time."  John R from Sacramento, CA

Times__Seigel"This is really a class act. I definitely will travel with them again until I've been to every park in both leagues!" John R. from Sacramento, CA

"Would enjoy this again. All was well planned. I didn't have to think, just enjoy!"  Kyle V. from North Platte, NE

"We had an outstanding time! We appreciate how organized and first rate the experience was. From the location of the seats for the games to the hotels and transportation, the attention to detail was obvious and appreciated. Thank you all for setting up an amazing weekend for us!"  Suzi S. from Texas

"We enjoyed several aspects of the tour, especially sitting on the Monsta' at Fenway Park."  Mike H. from Hawaii

"It was great to get to experience the games at the different parks and meet new people. We enjoyed our major league experience with Ron Kittle at the White Sox; Miller Park was really beautiful--the roof was closed when we first got there and then they opened it up; and what can you say about Wrigley Field--it was awesome!"  Janet B. from Bakersfield, California

Group_in_Orioles_dugout"We really enjoyed the trip. It was all absolutely fabulous... just enough free time to see a few extra sights."  Kathy H. from Washington

"It was great to have the freedom to be able to explore on our own once we arrived at each stadium."  Diana B. from Los Angeles, California

"We really enjoyed the entire trip. It would be very difficult to single out a specific event."  Robin I. from California

"The ball park tours were good and provided ample time to do some sightseeing." Terri D. from Minneapolis, MN

"We loved the seats at the games, especially Fenway."  Corrin C. from Chicago, Illinois

"My son and I enjoyed all aspects of the trip. We really liked the meet and greet with Ron Kittle."  Kris D. from Indiana

"Price of all the tours was comparable, but the services provided by Big League Tours was far superior. The primary things that set Big League Tours trips apart from the others was two-fold: 1) location and quality of the hotels and 2) location of the game ticket seats. We would recommend traveling with Big League Tours, and this is a non-paid endorsement from the heart. Bob W. from Austin, TX